MTP*/MTO Connectors and Adapaters

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MTP/MPO connectorized ribbon fiber cable assemblies provide reliable high performance interconnects of up to 24 fibers in a small footprint. The MTP/MPO connectors utilize the precision molded NTT compatible ferrule which connects four to 24 fibers using bare ribbon or ruggedized ribbon cable. Alignment between mating ferrules is accomplished using two precision guide pins that are pre-installed into the designated male connector.

MTP/MPO assemblies utilize a push-pull connector housing for a quick and reliable connection. For optical device interconnections, MTP/MPO assemblies interface on the daughter card to Molex's HBMT and BMTP adapters on the backplane.

Multiple transitions between ribbon cable to individual fibers are available to meet a variety of fiber routing requirements. Fanouts to single fiber leads connectorized with Molex industry standard LC, MU, FC, SC and ST connectors are available to interconnect with the current installed base of transmitters, receivers and patch panels.

A singlemode low loss version of the MTP/MPO connector is achieved by using more precise MT 8-fiber ferrules and guide pins. The superior precision of the singlemode low loss MT ferrule yields comparable insertion loss values of the single fiber ceramic ferrules.

MTP/MPO connectors meet IEC 1754-7 and TIA/EIA 604-5 standards. Mating of the MTP/MPO connectors can be achieved by using a variety of MTP/MPO adapters. For applications where EMI is a concern, Molex has developed a series of shuttered die cast adapters that are designed to shield and isolate EMI emissions.

*MTP is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd.


  • Fanouts to single fiber leads
  • Push-pull mating of MTP
  • Ribbon fiber cable assemblies
  • Enhanced version available
  • Interconnect with the current installed base of transmitters, receivers and patch panels
  • Provides quick connections
  • Provide connectorized interface for ribbon or ribbonized fiber
  • Provides quick and reliable connection for multiple optical fibers (available only in an 8 fiber, singlemode version)


  • Dense interconnect for datacommunication and telecommunication systems
  • Chassis-to-chassis connections
  • Miniature interconnenction for optoelectronic modules