MTP* Optical Round Ribbon Cable Assemblies

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Molex's MTP round jacketed ribbon cable assemblies provide easier installation than traditional flat ribbon cables in optical networks. System designers and installers have found it difficult to route flat ribbon cable in complex networks. The use of round ribbon cables allows the installer greater flexibility when routing multiple jacketed cables in dense system networks.

Molex developed a patented transition sleeve which maintains the routing features of the round cable while allowing the cable to be secured to the MTP connector. The primary benefit of the round ribbon cable is realized with the use of multiple ribbons within a single jacket. Stacked ribbons in traditional flat jacketed ribbon cables are prone to piston in relation to each other, causing attenuation in longer cable assemblies. The round ribbon cable prevents the "pistoning" effect by encasing the ribbons in a solid buffer core, preventing them from moving. Fiber counts up to 24 fibers are currently available while development continues on the 48 and 72 fiber versions. *MTP is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd.


  • Round outer jacket
  • Flexible PVC outer jacket
  • Plenum-rated
  • Ribbons encased in solid buffer core
  • Multiple ribbons stacked inside round jacket
  • Easily installed by end user
  • Able to bend easily
  • Meets system flammability requirements
  • Reduced fiber pistoning between ribbons
  • Low-profile solution for high-density applications


  • Parallel optic transceiver interconnection High Density interconnects for:
  • Optical electrical modules
  • PC cards and patch panels
  • Optical switches and routers
  • Data communication centers