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SMC connectorized ribbon fiber cable assemblies provide reliable high performance interconnects of up to 24 fibers in a small footprint. The SMC connectors utilize the precision molded NTT compatible ferrule that connects from 4 up to 24 fibers using bare ribbon or ruggedized ribbon cable. Alignment between mating ferrules is accomplished using 2 precision guide pins that are pre-installed in the designated male connector. The SMC connectors feature an easy-to-grip and actuate side-latching mechanism.
SMC to HBMT or SMC to BMTP cable assemblies are available to interconnect optical devices using the SMC interfaces on the daughter card to Molex Fiber Optics HBMT and BMTP adapters on the backplane.

Multiple transitions between ribbon cable to individual fibers are available to meet a variety of fiber routing requirements. Fanouts to single fiber leads connectorized with Molex industry standard LC, MU, SC, FC, and ST connectors are available to interconnect with the current installed base of transmitters, receivers and patch panels.
*ST is a registered trademark of Lucent Technologies.


  • SMC to HBMT or BMTP cable assemblies provide a transition from the board to the backplane adapters without splicing
  • Fanouts to simplex fiber connectors require no splicing resulting in cost reduction
  • High precision guide pins and ferrules ensure precise alignment resulting in improved IL performance
  • Side latching mechanism provides reliable and quick mating
  • SMC adapters incorporate an integrated EMI shield and internal shutter, designed to reduce EMI emissions


  • High density interconnects for:
    • Telephony central office and local loop 
    • Provides interconnect for parallel optical transmitters and receivers
  • Interconnect direct to PAROLI* devices
    • *PAROLI is a registered trademark of Infineon Technologies