Optical Break-Out Cable Assemblies

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Achieve up to 80% front panel space savings with multiple break-out cable assembly options
Molex is a leader in providing innovative break-out cable assemblies to meet the high density requirements of the telecommunication and datacommunication industry. The extensive line of break-out boxes, break-out tubes and MTP* break-out assemblies provides customers the flexibility to select the best transition method to meet their specific application while optimizing real-estate space savings.

Version 1: Break-out boxes and tubes
Break-out boxes and tubes are the traditional method that allows a spliceless transition between ribbon fiber and discrete fibers. The break-out box ensures optical integrity without the use of bulky splice sleeves.

Version 2: MTP break-out connector
The MTP break-out connector eliminates the use of break-out boxes or tubes, resulting in valuable card space savings. The break-out from ribbon fiber to discrete fiber occurs in the crimp area of the standard MTP connector, providing additional flexibility when routing discrete fibers on the line card.

Both versions of break-out assemblies provides up to 80% space savings on the front-panel and can reduce the system costs by up to 25%. For example, up to 12 Small Form-factor (SFF) transceivers mounted on a line card can transition to a single MTP connector mounted on the front panel, versus transitioning to 24 LC connectors or 12 duplex LC connectors.

Molex MTP-to-LC Cable AssemblyMTP-to-LC break-out assembly
Molex's extensive line of spliceless single fiber and ribbon fiber cable assemblies provides numerous design options. Break-outs to single-fiber leads terminated with industry standard LC, MU, FC, SC and ST connectors are available to connect with the current installed base of transmitters, receivers and patch panels. Break-outs to ribbon fiber leads terminated to MTP, HBMT™ and BMTP™ connectors provide high-density panel mount and backplane solutions.


  • Break-out boxes sized to fiber count
  • Flat or round break-out transition systems
  • 900µm Hytrel discrete fiber leads
  • 1. 60mm to 3.00mm up-jacketed leads available with Kevlar
  • Minimal size reduces real estate required for mounting
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Ideal for board-level use where minimal size and ease-of-routing are critical
  • Ideal for system interconnect where ruggedized leads are required


  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Hubs
  • Servers
  • Datacommunication Equipment
  • Line Cards