High Density MT Cable Assemblies

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High Density MT Ferrule Optical Cable Assemblies Extend Space and Cost Savings Up to 72 Fibers
With the addition of the High Density MT (HDMT) ferrule optical cable assembly line, Molex further strengthens its position as a leader in optical backplane and front-panel interconnect solutions. These cable assemblies offer multiple space-saving options on the front panel by using the 72-fiber MT ferrule in the industry standard MTP* connector, as well as high-density panel-mount Array connectors. In addition, by incorporating the HDMT ferrule in the HBMT™ backplane interconnect, customers can benefit from the highest-density blind-mate interface in the industry.

These HDMT ferrules extend the capabilities of traditional MT-style connectors beyond 12 and 24 fibers, making configurations up to 72 fibers possible. This significant increase in fibers in a single connector results in considerable space savings, reduced installation times and reduced costs.


  • Up to 72 fibers in traditional MT Ferrule footprint
  • Standard MPO/MTP connector interface available
  • Optical Insertion Loss (IL) below 1.0dB across all 72 channels
  • Bare ribbon breakouts
  • Jacketed 72-fiber cable assemblies
  • Increased density without increasing front panel real-estate
  • Proven connector ensures industry compatibility
  • Optical performance meets industry expectations
  • Smooth transition from 12-fiber transceivers to 72-fiber MTP on the front panel
  • Capable of rugged chassis-to-chassis interconnects


  • Parallel optic transceiver interconnection including Xanoptix transceivers
  • High Density interconnects for:
  • Optical electrical modules
  • PC cards and patch panels
  • Optical backplanes
  • Optical switches and routers
  • Data communication centers