Molex offers the following Product Families that relate to fiber optic Connectors and Adapters.

LumaCore™ Optical Terminus SystemLumaCore™
High Performance, Densely Packaged, Single-Fiber Optical Terminus System. (View More)

Quad LC Optical Adapter Quad LC Optical Adapter
Designed for high-density applications, the Quad LC Adapter provides multiple connection options from a single adapter.
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LC Connectors and Adapters LC Connectors and Adapters
The LC connector was developed to meet the growing demand for small form factor, higher density fiber optic connectivity.
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EMI AdapterFiber Optic EMI Adapters
EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference)shielding adapters are designed to address mechanical designers requirements to limit EMI emissions from the equipment front panel. (View More)

Molex SMC Connectors and Adapters SC Connectors and Adapters
The versatile Molex SC lightwave connector has been designed to NTT-SC standards and is completely compatible with other SC hardware. This connector system utilizes a push-pull mating action. (View More)

SC DuplexSC Duplex Connectors and Adapters
The SC Duplex Connection System has been designed to maintain fiber optic cabling polarity in the telecommunication and data communication networks.
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SC/APC ConnectorsSC/APC Connectors and Adapters
The Molex SC/APC, NTT compliant connector, combines connector design with a precise Angled Physical Contact (APC) ferrule.
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MT-RJ Connectors and AdaptersMT-RJ Connectors and Adapters
Small Form Factor duplex connector uses a MT type ferrule and industry standard RJ-45 type latch. (View More)

ESCON ConnectorESCON Connectors and Adapters
The Enterprise Systems CONnection (ESCON) duplex connector was developed as a high speed communication interconnect between mainframes and storage devices, peripheral control units, cluster controllers and other networks. (View More)

SMI Optical InterconnectSMI Optical Interconnects
Duplex-style connector system can operate at S200 (250 Mbps) speeds for up to 50 meters today and S400 (500 Mbps) in the future. (View More)

MU Connectors and AdaptersMU Connectors and Adapters
Miniature fiber optic connector system in half the size of SC connectors. (View More)

Bezel Adapter AccessoriesBezel Adapter Accessories
The Bezel Adapter System from Molex provides many advantages when deploying various fiber optic adapters on equipment front and/or back panels. (View More)

FC Connectors and AdaptersFC Connectors and Adapters
The Molex FC connector series is designed to NTT-FC standards and provides true non-optical disconnect performance. This connector system utilizes a threaded coupling mechanism. (View More)

FC/APC Connectors and AdaptersFC/APC Connectors and Adapters
The Molex FC Angled Physical Contact (APC) connector series combines a NTT-FC connector design with a precise, pre-angled, pre-radiused and pre-polished ferrule to deliver superior APC performance. (View More)

ST ConnectorsST Connectors and Adapters
The ST series of connectors are specially designed for distribution applications and are fully compatible with existing ST type hardware. (View More)

STII Connectors and AdaptersSTII Connectors and Adapters
The Molex STII connector series offers a versatile coupling nut design which allows the STII connector to provide either standard ST or non-optical disconnect functionality. (View More)

FDDI Connectors and Adapters FDDI Connectors and Adapters
The Molex family of FDDI duplex connectors utilize a variable keying system to ensure proper port mating identification and polarity. (View More)