ESCON Duplex Connector

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The Enterprise Systems Connection (ESCON*) duplex connector was developed as a high speed communication interconnect mainframes and storage devices, peripheral control units, cluster controllers and other networks. Molex's ESCON series of connectors are fully compatible with the requirements of this architecture. The Molex connector is designed using the latest engineered polymer and ceramic materials featuring pre-radiused and pre-polished ceramic PC ferrules and a rugged polymer housing with a retractable shroud. Molex's unique termination process and the factory polished and radiused ferrules combine to produce quick and consistent ESCON terminations. Molex adapters are available in either flange or snap-in mounting styles. Precision ceramic or polymer alignment sleeves can be provided with either mounting style.

*ESCON is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation


• IBM ESCON architecture
     ◦ Fully compatible
• Ceramic ferrule
     ◦ Pre-radiused and pre-polished
• Rugged polorized housing
     ◦ Retractable shroud


• Fiber optic link IBM ESCON networks
• Peripheral control units
• Storage devices
• Processors
• Workstations