LC Fiber Optic Connectors and Adapters

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LC connectors reduce space requirements by 50%, over 2.50mm ferrule connectors, without sacrificing performance. LC connectors are available in industry standard beige (multimode), blue (singlemode) and green (angle polish) colors, and will accommodate 900μm buffered fiber, 1.60mm, 2.00mm, or 3.00mm jacketed cable. With its six-position tuning feature, the connector may be used to achieve unprecedented insertion loss performance by optimizing the alignment of the fiber cores. Additionally, 45° and 90° boot options are available for 1.60mm and 2.00mm jacketed cable.

Eight-port, quad, duplex and simplex LC mating adapters are available in blue, beige, green and aqua colors. The adapters are available in snap-mount or screw-mount configurations, ceramic or metal alignment sleeves, and can also be provided with safety shutters on one or both sides to help prevent eye injuries.


• Connectors:
     ◦ System delivers a high-performance and easy-to-implement fiber optic interface
     ◦ Tunable connector optimizes insertion loss performance
     ◦ Versatile RJ-45 latching connector system
     ◦ Simplex and duplex versions
     ◦ Tested to Telcordia GR-326 and Compliant to TIA/EIA-604-10A (FOCIS-10)

• Adapters:
     ◦ Accepts eight simplex connectors, four duplex connectors or a combination of the two for design flexibility
     ◦ Safety shutters optional: internal and external shutters for plastic adapters; external shutters for metal adapters
     ◦ Adapters available in plastic or metal housings
     ◦ Screw- and snap-mount styles available on all adapters except eight-port metal adapters which are only available in snap-mount versions


• Telecommunication Applications
     ◦ Data Centers
     ◦ Hubs
     ◦ Servers
     ◦ Routers
     ◦ Central Office/Remote Hubs
• Industrial Applications
• Military/Aerospace Applications
• Optical DVI
• Storage Servers
• Local Area Networks (LANs)
• Premise Distribution