LumaCore™ Optical Terminus

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Molex's proprietary LumaCore™ provides a high performance discrete fiber optical terminus solution that can be packaged into a number of connector formats. LumaCore products deliver nearly the density of MT style interconnections with the ease of service and maintainability available in familiar LC or MU solutions. Customers can design systems from backplanes to front panels with a common optical terminus.

LumaCore uses industry standard 1.25mm zirconia ceramic ferrules making a full range of support equipment instantly available. The terminus can be specified for use with both small and large core optical fibers and can also accommodate both small and large outer jacket solutions. LumaCore products are terminated to optical fiber referencing the latest industry standards such as Telcordia Core-GR-326 for end face geometry's.


• Unique quarter turn retention feature allows terminus to be installed and removed from a connector solution with a simple push and turn.
• Hex register tuning delivers most stable and lowest possible insertion losses.
• Available in a large array of connector configurations from simplex/duplex LC styles, circular Mil-C-38999, D-subminiature, Micro-D and backplane mount or custom applications.
• 1.25mm precision zirconia ceramic ferrule available with a broad range of ferrule hole sizes.
• Easily installed by end user
• Suitable for multi-mode and single-mode applications - PC, UPC and APC end face geometry capable.
• Plastic fiber capable