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The Molex MT-RJ connector was developed to meet growing customer demands for smaller, lower cost, and easier-to-use fiber optic connectivity. The Molex MT-RJ reduces the space required on panels, wall plates and in closets by 50% throughout the network. This small form factor connector is ideal for fiber-to-the-desk applications. The design meets TIA requirements.

The MT-RJ uses an improved version of an industry standard RJ-45 type latch. This combination of a small form factor connector with the familiar RJ-45 latching mechanism ensures the MT-RJ connector to be the perfect choice for horizontal cabling needs to the desk-top.

Products in the Molex MT-RJ connector solution family will include: field mountable connectors, duplex patchcords, hybrid patchcords, pigtails, duplex adapters for MT-RJ cut-outs, as well as SC cut-outs, SixPaxs™ panels, hand polishing tooling, and consumable kits.

The Molex MT-RJ adapter occupies approximately the same space as a simplex SC adapter. When used in conjunction with the SixPaxs panel, the MT-RJ duplex adapter fits most LGX* style hardware, offering user-friendly characteristics in high density applications.


• Low insertion loss
     ◦ Singlemode <.19 dB typical
     ◦ Multimode <.22 dB typical
• Increased port density
     ◦ Space saving networking equipment and cabling solution
• Duplex mini-MT ferrule
     ◦ Compact Small Form Factor (SFF) allows two fibers to inhabit space of one fiber
• RJ-45 latching mechanism
     ◦ Press to release design for ease-of-use


• Premise Infrastructure
     ◦ Backbone
     ◦ Horizontal
• Local Area Networks (LAN's)
• Device Terminations
• Telecom