Quad LC Optical Adapter

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Designed for high-density applications, the Quad LC Adapter provides a 4-position LC adapter solution. Four LC ports are provided in 1 adapter, allowing for multiple LC connectors to be mated within the adapter. Connection options include 4 simplex LC connectors, 2 simplex and 1 duplex LC connectors or 2 duplex LC connectors.

The quad LC adapter is available in either a snap-mount or screw-mount installation style. Individual shutters on one side of the adapter are available as an eye-safety option, providing protection even when the adapter is not fully populated. The adapter is available with either Phosphor Bronze or Zirconia Ceramic alignment sleeves to accommodate either single mode, multimode or Angle Polish (APC) connectors. Mounting dimensions of the quad LC adapter are identical to the duplex SC adapter and can be used as direct a drop-in replacement.


• Four LC ports
     ◦ Provides multiple simplex or duplex connection options
• Ceramic or Phosphor Bronze alignment sleeves
     ◦ Accommodates single mode and multimode operation
• Safety shutters available
     ◦ Prevents eye injury when a connector is not installed
• Snap or screw-style mounting
     ◦ Allows for installation flexibility
• SC duplex compatible mounting
     ◦ Provides a direct drop-in replacement solution for density upgrade


• Telecommunication
     ◦ Hubs
     ◦ Servers
     ◦ Routers
• Other Markets
     ◦ Optical DVI
     ◦ Storage Servers
     ◦ Local Area Networks
     ◦ Premise Distribution