SC/APC Connectors and Adapters

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The Molex SC/APC connector combines a Telcordia and IEC tested connector design with a uniquely precise, pre-angled, pre-radiused, and pre-polished Angled Physical Contact (APC) ferrule. The result is an APC connector with superior insertion and return loss performance.

Ferrule endface geometry is especially critical in angled fiber optic connectors. For this reason, Molex has developed a unique polishing process which adheres to the strict Telcordia GR-326 requirements. With this endface geometry, physical contact of the fibers is maintained, ensuring a minimum insertion loss and a maximum return loss. Combining this pre-polished ferrule with the preassembled 1-piece body design has produced a superior performance APC connector that is easy to terminate both in the factory and in the field.

A shield against exposure to laser radiation and a barrier to dust contamination are 2 features of a series of shuttered SC adapters. These adapters are equipped with a spring loaded shutter which automatically closes when a connector is removed from the adapter. Both the shuttered and the standard SC adapter styles are available with either ceramic or metal alignment sleeves.


• One-piece body design
     ◦ Minimizes termination time
     ◦ Field installable
• Precision APC ferrule provides superior performance
     ◦ Singlemode Insertion loss <.25 dB typical
     ◦ Return loss >60 dB typical
• Standard SC adapters
     ◦ NTT-SC standard
     ◦ Ceramic and metal sleeves


• Telecommunication Networks
• CATV Networks