SC Connectors and Adapters

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The versatile Molex SC connector has been designed to NTT-SC* standards and is completely compatible with other SC hardware. This design, which provides non-optical disconnect terminations in a push-pull coupling mechanism, has been tested to the rigorous Telcordia 326 and IEC standards. Adding to the versatility of the connector, a tab on the plastic SC housing permits the simplex connector to be configured into a duplex format. A tunable SC is now available for optimum performance, incorporating a complete plastic body.

Beige, blue, green, red and black color housing with straight boots (for 1.60mm [.063"], 2.00mm [.079"], 2.40mm [.094"], 3.00mm [.118"] and 900µm cabling) and 90° boots (for 3.00mm [.118"] and 2.40mm [.094"] cables) add to the versatility of the connector. All versions utilize precision ceramics and the latest engineering polymers in their construction. With their pre-assembled 1-piece body design and pre-polished ferrules, these connectors provide quick and economical terminations both in factory and in-the-field settings. The pre-polished ferrule and the Molex termination method also deliver a uniform endface geometry and consequently consistent optical performance.

Molded polymer adapters containing either the precision ceramic or the metal alignment sleeves are used to mate 2 SC connectors. These are available in 3 styles: an industry standard version; a small flange version for higher density; and a shuttered version for protection against dust contamination and laser exposure.

* NTT-SC is a trademark of NTT Advanced Technology Corporation


• Pre-polished ceramic ferrules
     ◦ Minimizes polishing time
     ◦ - Maintains endface geometry, physical contact
     ◦ - Tunable
• Low insertion loss
     ◦ Singlemode <.15 dB typical
     ◦ Multimode <.34 dB typical
     ◦ Multimode Enhanced <.17 dB typical
• Pre-assembled or multi-piece body design
     ◦ Reduces termination time, field installable


• Telecommunication Networks
• Data Communication Networks
• CATV Networks
• Active Device Termination