SC Duplex Connectors and Adapters

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The SC Duplex Connection System has been designed to maintain fiber optic cabling polarity in the telecommunication and data communication networks.

The connector system combines two, widely accepted, NTT-SC* standard connectors in a common duplex housing. This housing, while maintaining polarity of the cable, provides smooth insertion and removal of the connector pairs. By using the Molex SC connectors, economic benefits of the easy to assemble 1-piece connector body and the reliability of a Telcordia and IEC tested connector design can be realized in a duplex configuration. They are also available with the Fibre Channel standard compliant housing.

To support the use of optical fiber as a cabling media in the network, especially in the horizontal premises applications, Molex offers a variety of duplex adapters. The SC to SC combination, available in flange mount or snap mount versions, supports the EIA/TIA commercial building telecommunication wiring standards, and the SC to ST†, also available in the flange or snap mount versions, supports the migration to these standards. These adapters are now available with a snap-on shutter assembly which provides a barrier against laser exposure and dust contamination. All adapter styles are available with either the ceramic or metal sleeves.

*NTT-SC is a trademark of NTT Advanced Technology Corporation
†ST is a trademark of Lucent Technologies


• Rugged duplex housing
     ◦ Provides uniform and smooth mating
• Low insertion loss
     ◦ Singlemode <.15 dB typical
     ◦ Multimode <.34 dB typical
     ◦ Multimode Enhanced <.17 dB typical
• One-piece body design
     ◦ Easy to assemble


• Telecommunication Networks
• Data communication Networks
• Fibre Channel