ST Connectors and Adapters


The ST* series of connectors are specially designed for distribution applications and are fully compatible with existing ST type hardware. Five connector styles are available in both the multimode and singlemode versions. The screw-on captivation mechanism, in the long boot style, provides excellent KEVLAR† retention without the expense and inconvenience of crimp tools. If the crimping method of KEVLAR retention is preferred, 3 options are available. A long boot style is designed to provide superior strain relief while the short boot style is designed for small bend radius applications where space is limited. For sensitive applications where controlled and managed bends are required, the 90° boot is the answer. A boot for 900µm buffered fiber is also available.

High quality, pre-polished and pre-radiused ceramic ferrules are combined with the latest engineering polymers and metals to produce the ST connectors. Pre-polished ferrules minimize the polishing times and provide a consistent ferrule end face geometry. When combined with the Molex termination kit and methods, the Molex ST connectors produce superior results both in the factory and in the field.

A broad range of ST adapters are available to compliment the connectors. Metal or polymer versions are available with either the extremely precise ceramic, the rugged metal or the cost effective polymer alignment sleeves.

*ST is a trademark of Lucent Technologies
†KEVLAR is a registered trademark of E.I. duPont De Nemours & Co., Inc.


  • High performance singlemode and multimode pre-polished ferrules
    • Minimizes polishing time
  • Low insertion loss
    • Singlemode < .15 dB typical
    • Multimode < .34 dB typical
    • Multimode Enhanced < .17 dB typical
    • Multimode Stainless Steel < .35 dB typical
  • Variety of connector styles
    • Boot styles include long boot, short boot, 90° boot and 900µm buffered fiber