STII Connectors and Adapters

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The Molex STII* connector series offers a versatile coupling nut design which allows the STII connector to provide either standard ST* or non-optical disconnect functionality. This STII series of connectors is made of the latest engineering polymers and metals. The series utilizes pre-radiused and pre-polished ceramic ferrules which minimize the polishing time and provide a consistent ferrule end face geometry. Employing the Molex termination method and the pre-polished connectors, consistent and economical terminations are readily achieved.

Connector-to-connector mating is achieved by using the standard ST bulkhead feed-through adapters. These adapters combine a molded polymer or metal housing with either the extremely precise ceramic, the rugged metal or the economical polymer alignment sleeve.

*STII and ST are trademarks of Lucent Technologies


  • STII compatible bayonet coupling
    • Provides either standard or non-optical disconnect terminations
  • Low insertion loss
    • Singlemode < .15 dB typical
    • Multimode < .34 dB typical
    • Multimode Enhanced < .17 dB typical
  • Variety of ferrules
    • Available in pre-polished singlemode and multimode ceramic PC and stainless steel


  • Data
  • Telecom
  • Broadband Deployments
  • Cross-Connects
  • ATM Switches
  • Disk Array links
  • Workstation and Mainframe Backbones
  • Network Interface Cards