Optical Multi-Format EMI Adapters

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The versatile optical multi-format EMI adapter provides users with one adapter interface for three connector styles. In addition, this new adapter provides EMI protection in front-panel applications.

The two-position multi-format adapter is available in a single-screw, rear-mount configuration which accepts simplex LC connectors on the internal side and simplex LC, MU, or LX.5 connectors on the user side. This design allows the equipment manufacturer to have a consistent LC internal interface while allowing end users to select the most appropriate connector (LC, MU, or LX.5) for their applications, without having to change adapters or re-configure the equipment. The angled-mount design cut-outs are unique to this adapter. Internal shutters are standard, ensuring eye laser-safety protection.

The multi-format EMI shielding adapters are designed to address mechanical design requirements to limit EMI emissions from the equipment front panel. These adapters are constructed with a die-cast mounting body with an EMI gasket that seals the adapters to the panel and a polymer user interface which decreases contamination and connector wear during high-use applications. Multi-format EMI adapters increase the shielding effectiveness while enhancing the front panel aesthetics compared to traditional plastic adapters.


  • Allows the use of either LC, MU or LX.5 simplex connectors
    • Allows one adapter interface to mate with three different industry-standard connectors styles, reducing inventory
  • Aperture is reduced to the minimum possible size 
    • Minimizes EMI emissions
  • EMI gaskets included
    • Creates an EMI seal between the adapter and the mounting surface
  • Internal safety shutters included
    • Provide automatic eye safety
  • Single screw-mount style
    • Provides easy mounting
  • 45°mounting orientation
    • Allows for lower cable exit profile
  • Die-cast adapter housings
    • Provide superior shielding effectiveness



  • Telecommunication equipment
    • High-speed line cards 
    • Server blades 
    • Router connections
  • Storage
    • ATM equipment
    • Gigabit Ethernet testing
  • Other Markets
    • Test Equipment 
    • Any front panel application where EMI is an issue 
    • Offers a more robust and visually appealing adapter than traditional plastic adapters