Optical EMI Adapters

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Molex Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) shielding adapters are designed to address mechanical design requirements to limit EMI emissions from the equipment front panel or enclosures. Molex EMI adapters are constructed of either all die-cast housings or as a half die-cast, half polymer housing. Both Molex housings have an EMI gasket that seals the adapters to the panel. The polymer adapter housing provides color coding (blue, beige or green depending on the required application) and significantly increased durability performance. Molex EMI adapters increase the shielding effectiveness while enhancing the front-panel aesthetics compared to traditional plastic adapters.

Molex's extensive and growing adapter product-line offering includes LC Duplex, LC Quad, MPO, SC and Universal EMI adapter styles. The Molex EMI adapter families include both straight and angled-mount adapters in both snap-in and screw-mount configurations. The straight-mount designs meet industry standard mounting dimensions. The angled-mounting design cut-outs are unique to each adapter. External shutters are standard on most adapters, ensuring dust protection and eye-laser safety.


  • Die-Cast adapter housings
    • Provide superior shielding effectiveness
  • Aperture is reduced to the minimum possible size
    • Minimizes EMI emissions
  • EMI gaskets included
    • Creates an EMI seal between the adapter and the mounting surface
  • Safety shutters included
    • Provides dust protection, eye safety and reduces EMI when no connector is installed
  • Screw or snap-mount styles available
    • Provides mounting flexibility
  • Straight or 45° mounting orientation
    • Allows for lower cable exit profile



  • Telecommunication
    • High-speed line cards
    • Server blades 
    • Router connections
  • Storage
    • ATM equipment 
    • Gigabit Ethernet testing
  • Other Markets
    • Test Equipment 
    • Any front panel application where EMI is an issue 
    • Offers a more robust and visually appealing adapter than traditional plastic adapters