Swivel EMI Shielding Adapters

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Molex Swivel EMI Adapters provide a flexible means of re-positioning the cable-exit angle off the face-plate, in the factory or the in the field, without disassembly or need for custom modules and cards. Molex swivel EMI adapters are available in LC duplex, SC simplex or MPO simplex, the adapters allow the cable-exit angle to be re-positioned from the standard straight-mount position (90° to the face-plate) to + /- 35° in either direction.

Molex Swivel EMI adapters allow the flexibility for an attached cable assembly to be routed to either the left or right side of the frame for horizontal-mounted adapters and up or down for vertically-mounted adapters. The adapters allow the user to change easily the routing direction as needed, depending on which side the card is to be installed or which direction the cable needs to be routed.

The Molex swivel EMI adapters utilize a die-cast adapter with EMI gasketing to minimize EMI leakage. A locking set-screw is also provided to fix the angle position during initial assembly. The Molex swivel EMI adapter is available for either single mode or multimode applications. Molex swivel adapters are also available in a non-EMI version assembled with standard polymer adapters and without EMI gaskets.


  • Flexible positioning of the adapter angle
    • Allows directional cable routing
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
    • Can be used in many applications
  • Positive stop angle settings
    • Maintains the set adapter angle
  • Utilizes standard die-cast EMI adapters
    • Provides EMI protection in all angles 
  • Common panel cut-out for all styles
    • Allows interchangeability between LC, SC and MPO adapters styles
  • Shuttered adapters
    • Provides eye safety and dust control
  • Non-EMI adapter styles available
    • Provides cost control when EMI suppression is not required


  • Telecommunication/CATV Equipment
    • Horizontally mounted cards
    • Vertically mounted cards
    • Optical modules
  • Industrial Equipment
    • High EMI and RFI areas
  • Other Markets
    • Test equipment
    • Medical applications