Universal Optical Adapters

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The Molex Universal Optical Adapter allows customers to interchange one half of the optical interface to suit the application. All of the functionality and performance benefits from the Molex standard optical adapter are maintained in this versatile design. The Molex EMI universal optical adapters are now available with more options, including die-cast LC housings and interchangeable LC user interfaces.
The Molex universal adapter allows for a common panel-mounting hole with the option of either an internally mounted SC or LC connector to be mated with a SC, ST, FC or LC connector on the opposite side. This design allows the user interface to be converted between the four connector styles as needed. The universal adapter can also be used to mate SC/APC (angle-polished endface) to SC/APC and FC/APC terminations. When the customer interface is removed, the alignment sleeve may be easily extracted, exposing the ferrule and endface of the internally mounted SC or LC connector. With the sleeve removed, the customer has access to clean the internally mated connector without disconnecting it from the adapter and without entering the enclosure, providing a safe and fast method to ensure proper optical performance.

The universal optical adapter is offered in two options, as a pre-assembled adapter as well as individual components, providing the OEM design flexibility.

• The first option, pre-assembled adapters, are provided ready to install and use. The second option is to only populate the internal-adapter side, allowing customized configuration prior to shipping or by the customer after delivery. Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) shielding is also available on select adapters.
• Both options use a common SC or LC interface with the same mounting detail, benefiting OEM's by minimizing the number of panel designs required for different-style adapters. In addition, simplified stock management will result with fewer part numbers and stock quantities.


• Die-cast SC or LC panel housing with EMI shielding available
     ◦ Provides EMI and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) shielding on the internal SC or LC adapter side
• Interchangeable SC, ST, FC and LC user interfaces
     ◦ Allows fast and easy conversion for multiple applications
• Easy front-access to the alignment sleeve and internally mated connector endface
     ◦ Allows easy inspection and cleaning without entering the enclosure
• Available as individual components
     ◦ Allows for customized configuration prior to shipping or after delivery to customer


•Telecommunication equipment
     ◦ Server blades
     ◦ Router connections
• Other Markets
     ◦ Test Equipment
     ◦ Lab Use
     ◦ Storage Servers