Molex offers the following Product Families that relate to fiber optic Military/Aerospace/COTS Products.

Molex Flex Plane Optical FlexLumaCore™
High Performance, Densely Packaged, Single-Fiber Optical Terminus System (View More)

Molex STD 38999 Custom Military Optical Cable AssemblySTD 38999
Molex now offers Military 38999 and 28876 style circular connector cable assemblies and ARINC 400 and 600 style avionic assemblies. (View More)

Molex Flex Plane Optical FlexMXL38999™
All optical versions of the popular Mil-DTL-38999 Series III connector system. Uses LumaCon's LumaCore™ optical terminus technology to deliver dense optical connections with stable optical performance into harsh environments. (View More)

Molex LC2 Metallic Optical ConnectorLC2 Metallic Optical Connector
Severe environment all-metallic version of the popular LC optical connector system. (View More)