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The Optical Shuffle meets the need of managing the flow of data between multiple parallel transceivers. The Optical Shuffle offers a unique solution for cross-connecting fibers from multiple ribbon inputs to reconfigured multiple ribbon outputs. The package that houses the resequenced fiber is designed to significantly reduce the space required for fiber management. The Optical Shuffle is particularly well suited for board mounted applications.

Molex's ribbonizing process allows for reconfigurations of optical fibers in modules or subsystems to ribbon output. Input leads can be of any length ribbon or cable to eliminate splice points in networks systems while the output (re-ribbonized) leads can be up to one meter. The standard package is six inches long and 0.2 inches in diameter and accept up to 1024 fibers in a single package. Molex provides a variety of interconnect options including: MT, MTP, MPO, MT-RJ, SMC, LC, FC, ST, SC, MU, up to 12 fiber Backplane MTP (BMTP) and up to 96 fiber High Density Backplane MT (HBMT).


  • Complex fiber routing in a compact, flexible package saves board side real estate
  • Compact package provides improved airflow
  • Customized jacketing options provide additional protection
  • Direct terminations eliminate ditionalinsertion loss
  • Singlemodeor multimode fiber shuffles provide variety of options


  • Computing Equipment
  • Telecommunication Equipment
    • Transmission
    • Switching
    • Multiplexing
  • Broadband Equipment
    • Amplifiers