EXTreme Ten60Power™ High-Current Connector

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EXTreme Ten60Power™ is a modular high-current power and signal connector system in a coplanar and right-angle board-to-board orientation. Designed as a higher-current and lower profile power interconnect than existing products, Molex's EXTreme Ten60Power connector provides maximum current-to-space ratio packaged in a low-profile 10.00mm (.394") tall housing design that enhances system airflow within the power system. Available in 1 through 10 power blade modules and 6 though 36 signal modules along with either end-mount or top-mount guidance, the EXTreme Ten60Power modules can be configured to accommodate most any design application. Robust, high-current contact blades in DC (5.50mm) and AC (7.50mm) spacing options provide design flexibility. Power blades are rated up to 60.0A per blade, providing up to 260.0A per linear inch of board real estate. Both the plug and receptacle utilize reliable, proven Molex power and signal contact designs.


  • Low-profile design: 10.00mm (.394") height
    • Enhances system airflow and provides 260.0A per linear inch
  • Robust, high-current contact blades in DC and AC spacing options
  • Provides design flexibility
  • Multiple mating levels available on power and signal contacts
  • Enhances hot-plug applications
  • Modular assembly
  • Modules can be arranged in any configuration and added to make larger circuit sizes
  • Right-angle and vertical mounting available
    • For either coplanar or perpendicular applications
  • Wire-to-Board option available
  • Capable of wire applications and hybrid wire and solder designs


  • Power supplies
  • Servers, routers, storage and industrial controllers
  • Coplanar board-to-board power applications
  • 1 and 2 Rack Unit (RU) modular enclosures
  • Chassis-based systems


  • Datasheet (PDF)