HyperJack Magnetic Jack

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HyperJack™ is the trade name for Molex RJ45 jacks that include wirewound components (also called magnetics). The Molex HyperJack incorporates the magnetics for common mode rejection, DC insulation of cable side versus board side, possible transforming of the signal (PHY depending). It also incorporates resistors and/or capacitors to terminate noise from the non-used pairs and to cope with the DC share of the common mode noise of the signal pairs

High performance is needed when running LANs or WANs with Ethernet 10BaseT or 100BaseT transmission characteristics. HyperJack magnetic Jack is available in two connection types: Low and Standard Profile and Stacked Profile.


• Available in three configurations: Single port outer shield, Single port inner shield, and Stacked ganged inner shield versions
      ◦ Offers design flexibility

• Integrated electrostatic discharger
      ◦ Enables the user to connect an electrostatically charged cable during use without damaging the physical layer

• Integrated magnetics
      ◦ For DC-insulation / common mode rejection

• Integrated resistors
      ◦ For termination of unused pairs

• Compliant to IEEE 802.3 10/100 Base T
      ◦ Meets industry standards


• Network Interface cards (NIC)
• Routers
• Switches
• Hubs