Custom Color Modular Jacks


Modular jack housings are now available in 5 colors in addition to the standard black material: orange, green, blue, gray and yellow. This provides an opportunity to match the color of a plug cable to a modular jack to allow for color keying and to eliminate mismating of cables and jacks. Colorful modular jacks can also be used as the designated "test" jack in systems for trouble shooting.


• Modular jacks can be molded in a variety of custom colors
     ◦ Allows flexibility and customization of applications
• Currently available in three different series
     ◦ Configurations meet several different design requirements


• Networking Systems:
      ◦ Hubs
      ◦ Servers
      ◦ Routers
      ◦ Bridges

• Office and Home Equipment:
      ◦ Copiers
      ◦ PCs
      ◦ Fax machines
      ◦ Surge Protectors
      ◦ Telephone line security systems

• Consumer:
      ◦ Security systems
      ◦ Set top boxes
      ◦ Video game systems
      ◦ Modems
      ◦ Medical analysis equipment
      ◦ Vending machines
      ◦ Air conditioning controls
      ◦ Point of sale terminals
      ◦ Hand held readers
      ◦ Elevators