HMC Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors


Molex's line of HMC Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors offer a unique new design and user-friendly features compared to traditional-style Heavy Duty connectors for robotic and other industrial applications.

Molex's range of industrial rectangular connectors also includes HTC, a heavy duty version which is compatible to a number of legacy designs in the marketplace; and CRC, a miniature range of shielded rectangular connectors that is ideal for smaller robotic or machinery applications.


  • Crescent-shaped metal hood with a rotating lock on the cable side that can be actuated with one hand. This provides space savings and easy mating and unmating compared to traditional robotic connectors that utilize locks on each side requiring a two-handed action.
  • Easy field removal of housing modules.
  • Single module type that enables male or female housings to be loaded on either side.
  • Multi-module type that also allows gender interchanging of housings, as well as hybrid configurations using different terminal inserts.
  • Cable clamp solution that integrates sealed ring and holder into one-piece cover.
  • Panel-Mount and Wire-to-Wire versions.
  • Sealing to protect against dust and contaminants.
  • Signal and power versions in 6, 10, 12, 20 and 35 amperes.
  • 12-72 circuits.
  • Agency ratings such as IP65, VDE 0110, TUV, UL, CSA