Mini-HMC Rectangular Industrial Connector

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Molex's Mini-HMC system was developed to meet the needs of smaller industrial robotic applications that require the ruggedness of traditional heavy duty connectors but in a smaller from factor.

Mini-HMC incorporates some of the unique features of our standard HMC (Heavy Duty Modular) connectors such as a "one-touch" lock and removable housings, and the same crimp terminals as our CRC (Compact Robotic) connectors.


  • Compact size
    • Space savings
  • One-touch single action locking feature
    • Easy mating and unmating
  • Modular removable housings
    • Easy assembly and field servicing
  • Braided wire clamp
    • Additional ESD shielding
  • Crimp terminals
    • Efficient assembly versus solder type
  • Hard-shell hood
    • Rugged protection


  • New Generation Smaller Robots
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Control Boxes
  • Vision Equipment
  • Instrumentation
  • Medical Equipment