SFP Coax Adapter


This adapter plugs into a SFP MSA cage with a 20 circuit MSA host connector dedicated for a 155.52 Mb/s TX/RX port for a STM-1e interface used in SDH systems.

The hot pluggable electrical SFP transceiver assures a flexible conversion in both direction of NRZ signal (Non Return to Zero) to CMI signal (Code Marked Inversion). The electrical interface features a loop function for both CMI and NRZ signals and can be easily activated through the I2C. Module identification is managed by an integrated EEPROM in accordance with the SFP MSA.

The Small Form-factor Pluggable adapter connects with DIN 1.0/2.3 75W coaxial cable connectors, is interchangeable with STM-1 optical, and provides additional flexibility on a per port basis. By integrating STM-1 interfaces, it also helps contribute to reducing the system cost by eliminating need for separate line card development.

The Molex 85388 series is fully compliant with ITU-T G.703 recommendations and the SFP Multi-Sourcing Agreement.


• SFP MSA compliant, accommodates stacked (belly to belly) and ganged applications
• Electronic device (EEPROM) enables system to detect module characteristics
• Adapter converts signal from NRZ on board side to CMI encoded data, and vice-versa
• Fully shielded diecast housing
• Latching mechanism for secure mating


• SDH / Sonet Related Equipment
• Test Equipment Manufacturers