Molex MultiMediaCard (MMC) Connectors


MultiMediaCards (MMC) were one of the first miniature memory card formats and are still widely used or mobile applications such as cell phones, digital cameras, and PDAs.

Molex offers two types of standard unshielded MultiMediaCard connectors: an ejector type for applications requiring more frequent card insertion/extraction and a manual type for simpler, more economical uses.


  • Compact size
  • Push-push ejector type
  • Manual type
  • Offset terminals
  • Ledges and lead-ins
  • Gold-plated beveled contacts
  • Space savings for digital camera applications
  • Easy card extraction with tactile feel
  • Simple, economical use
  • First mate-Last break
  • Facilitate card insertion
  • Secure electrical contact


  • Mobile Phones
  • Portable Audio Players
  • PDAs