Smart Card (SIM)

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Molex offers its range of Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card connectors for the mobile communications industry.

The GSM (global system for mobile communications) standard call for a SIM card which is used for billing , security, and number storage purposes. The SIM card parameters are defined by ISO GSM Sim Card standards.

While the card is standardized, the differences in phone designs do not allow standard connectors. Molex in, close collaboration with its customer has developed a range of SIM card connectors that feature a range of standard options plus the ability to custom design parts in specific applications.


  • Ultra low profile
  • With or without card detection switch
  • Cycle life up to 10,000 card insertions
  • Surface mount or compression mounting
  • With or without card holder


  • Mobile Phones (SIM Card)
  • Pay Phones (SIM Card)
  • POS Terminal (SAM Card)