TransFlash Miniature Memory Card Connectors

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TransFlash* is the world's smallest memory card storage system. Offering more than 70% volume savings versus miniSD, TransFlash provides ultimate space savings and up to 256MB of removable memory storage for cellphones and other mobile devices.

Molex offers two types of TransFlash connectors. Our hinged version is used like SIM card systems for one-time installation. Our hinge design offers several unique features such as the ability to stay in place in various positions to facilitate card insertion. We also offer a push-push design for card removal options. Both versions are shielded and include solder tabs for ESD protection.

*TransFlash is a trademark of SanDisk Corporation.


  • Ultra small size
  • Hinge and push-push types
  • Metal shielding with shell tabs
  • Gold-plated beveled contacts
  • Wide open area on shells
  • Solder tails on inside of design
  • Space savings for mobile applications
  • Design flexibility
  • ESD protection and grounding support
  • Secure electrical contact
  • Accommodates pick-and-place