xD-Picture Miniature Memory Card Connectors

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The xD-Picture Card standard was developed for digital camera storage use. The xD name refers to eXtreme Digital, which relates to the technology's excellent ability to record, store, and transport digital images.

Molex offers several different types of xD-Picture Card connectors, including push-push and without ejector types in both tape and tray packaging. Other features such as low profiles and high pressure contact styles are also available.


  • Compact size
  • Push-push and without ejector types
  • Metal shielding with shell tabs
  • Gold-plated beveled contacts
  • Internal ESD shield
  • Stand-offs
  • Space savings for digital camera applications
  • Design flexibility
  • ESD protection and grounding support
  • Secure electrical contact
  • Additional shielding and grounding support
  • Allows tracing beneath connector


  • Mobile Phones
  • PDAs
  • Digital Cameras
  • Portable Audio Players