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The Mini-Fit® BMI is designed for high current/high density applications that require the blind mating of modules, subassemblies or printed circuit boards. Mini-Fit BMI allows misalignment and provides "float" of up to .100" between mating surfaces for easy connection. It is designed to accommodate both power and signal circuits by combining its 12.0A current rating with a 10 milliohm contact resistance. The Mini-Fit BMI product family also facilitates design and qualification by using existing Mini-Fit terminals and application tooling. Mini-Fit BMI also features a current rating up to 12.0A per circuit (Using Mini-Fit Plus™ HCS terminal with 16AWG wire), 10 milliohms contact resistance and 600V rating. Available in 94V-2 and 94V-0 materials, and is UL recognized, CSA certified, TUV licensed.

The Mini-Fit BMI Slide-and-Lock receptacle meets the needs of wire-to-wire and wire-to-board power applications where blind-mating and increased panel retention are desired. The panel retention force is significantly greater than that of standard blind-mate interface (BMI) designs. The housing is constructed of a durable polyester to withstand the weight and forces of wires used in higher circuit counts. In addition, the polyester housing material requires no moisturization to prevent breakage.

With its rugged thumb latch, the Mini-Fit BMI Slide-and-Lock receptacle is easily mounted to and removed from a standard panel opening. The receptacle mates with a range of Mini-Fit™ plugs and headers and uses standard Mini-Fit series female crimp terminals and application tooling. No hardware or special tools are needed to mount the connector to the panel.


  • Blind mating wire-to-wire, wire-to-board (parallel mounting), wire-to-board (right angle mounting), board-to-board (parallel stacked boards) and board-to-board (right angle boards)
  • Positive housing locks
  • For mating with Mini-Fit, Jr.
  • Fully isolated terminals
  • Low engagement force terminals
  • Fully polarized
  • Durable housing requires no moisturization
  • Prevents breakage


  • Power Supplies
  • Fan Tray Assemblies
  • Backplane Applications
  • Gaming Equipment
  • Vending Machines