MLX Ground Block System

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The new MLX Ground Block System is designed to centralize electrical ground wiring in most recreational vehicles and boats. These non-automotive vehicles have extensive 12V wiring systems which require a central ground point. Until now an easy grounding solution has not existed. Instead of using multiple ring terminals that are grounded at multiple locations, 12 gauge wires and under-wires are connected using the 15-position MLX Ground Block System. The Ground Block System is also designed to accommodate larger gauge wires by simply using ring terminals with the provided 3/8" studs. The MLX Ground Block System is designed for use with Molex's MLX Pin and Socket Power Connector System, as well as being a drop-in replacement with competitors' 2.13mm (.084") products.


  • Uses industry standard 2.13mm (.084") connector system
    • Compatible with Molex's MLX Power Connector System and competitor's 2.13mm (.084") product
  • Two, 3/8" studs incorporated to terminate large gauge wires
    • Facilitates the grounding of 8 AWG wires and above to a central point
  • Tin-plated Copper or Stainless Steel ground bar available
    • Provides option to select Stainless Steel for use in a more corrosive environment
  • Central ground-point for electrical systems
    • Allows easy trouble-shooting
  • Facilitates off-line harnessing
    • Provides efficient manufacturing


  • Non-Automotive Transportation
    • Recreational vehicles
    • Travel trailers
    • Boats
  • Other Markets
    • Anywhere numerous ground-terminations can be utilized