MLX Power Connectors

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The MLX Series is an industry compatible line of 2.13mm (.084") diameter plug and cap power connections. The MLX Series is interchangeable, intermateable and intermountable with industry standard products. This allows for greater flexibility in mating with existing wire harnesses, connectors or PCB headers. The connectors are recognized by UL and certified by CSA. The housings are designed for both male and female Molex terminals. Additionally the housings will accept industry compatible terminals. As an added convenience, Molex has provided circuit identification grooves for circuits 2 and 3 along with the industry standard identification rib for circuit 1. Also available is industry standard MLX Ground Block System connectors used to mass-terminate and easily trouble-shoot multiple electrical ground wires.


  • Systems are intermateable, intermountable, and interchangeable with industry standard versions
  • Cross compatible tested to assure industry compatibility
  • Positive lock
  • Fully isolated contacts
  • Housing will accept male or female terminals


  • Non-Automotive Transportation
    • Recreational vehicles
    • Travel trailers
    • Boats
  • Other Markets
    • Anywhere numerous ground-terminations can be utilized