Molex Power Dock™


The Molex Power Dock™ is a simple approach to customized board-to-board power delivery. Configured appropriately, it can serve a wide variety of power applications mixed in with signaling needs. Individual power contacts are rated up to 35 amps and signal contacts handle 3A.

Utilizing Molex's custom configurator, customers will be able to design their own power connector system to solve virtually any unique packaging requirement. Guide pins are available for blind mating. Mounting ears are an option for mechanical attachment to the PCB. Power blades and signal pins are available in multiple lengths for sequenced mating requirements. Press fit tails can be used where manufacturing and/or repair concerns are present.

The Molex Power Dock™ can be used as a drop in replacement in many existing applications.


  • Solder tail or press fit
    • Flexible assembly to PCB
  • Sequenced mating
    • System protection
  • Hot pluggable
    • No system downtime for repair
  • Standard modules
    • Custom configuration
  • Guide pins
    • Blind mating


  • Telecom
  • Power supplies, UPS
  • Computers
  • File servers
  • Any board-to-board power application