Low Profile Hybrid (LPH™)

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Molex Low Profile Hybrid (LPH™) is a mixed high current power and signal connector system in a co-planer board-to-board orientation. This product is well positioned for a new generation of power interconnect requirements due to several enhancements over competing products. For example, the power contacts are parallel to the PC board, permitting an overall connector height of only 7.5mm (.295"). The lower profile enhances system airflow. The receptacle and plug headers have isolated upper and lower power blades in 2 to 5 bays. The power blades are rated up to 30A providing up to 120A per linier inch of space. The receptacle has the flexibility to mate with either an LPH plug header or a 1.57mm (.062") thick card edge. Both the plug and receptacle headers utilize reliable, Molex EBBI™ signal contacts available from 12 to 40 contacts.


  • Mixed Power and signal contacts
    • Hybrid design is flexible to DC power requirements
  • 7.5mm (.295") height off PC board
    • Low profile enhances system airflow
  • Isolated upper and lower contacts (30A per contact, 2 contacts per bay)
    • Allows power and return in the same bay
  • Receptacle header mates to either LPH plug or 1.57mm (.062") card edge
    • Greater flexibility for mating to daughter card
  • Available with 4 to 10 power blades
    • Flexible configurations to match system power requirements
  • Power Contact blades rated up to 30.0A
    • Matches high current applications
  • 12 to 40 signal contacts available in 4 circuit increments
    • Molex EBBI contacts utilized to provide signal circuits for DC power applications
  • Available with self aligning guides and/or PC board pegs
    • Use in blind mate applications
  • Rated for current interruption
    • Matches true hot plugging requirements


  • Power Supplies
  • Servers, Routers, Storage, Industrial Controllers
  • Co-planer Board-to-Board Power
  • 1RU & 2RU modular enclosures
  • Chassis based systems