Molex MLX Ground Block System


Mass-terminate and easily trouble-shoot multiple electrical ground wires using the industry standard MLX Ground Block System

The new MLX Ground Block System is designed to centralize electrical ground wiring in most recreational vehicles and boats. These non-automotive vehicles have extensive 12V wiring systems which require a central ground point. Until now an easy grounding solution has not existed.

Instead of using multiple ring terminals that are grounded at multiple locations, 12 gauge wires and under-wires are connected using the 15-position MLX Ground Block System. The Ground Block System is also designed to accommodate larger gauge wires by simply using ring terminals with the provided 3/8" studs.

The MLX Ground Block System is designed for use with Molex's MLX Pin and Socket Power Connector System, as well as being a drop-in replacement with competitors' 2.13mm (.084") products.


  • Uses industry standard 2.13mm (.084") connector system
    • Compatible with Molex's MLX Power Connector System and competitor's 2.13mm (.084") product
  • Two, 3/8" studs incorporated to terminate large gauge wires
    • Facilitates the grounding of 8 AWG wires and above to a central point
  • Tin-plated Copper or Stainless Steel ground bar available
    • Provides option to select Stainless Steel for use in a more corrosive environment
  • Central ground-point for electrical systems
    • Allows easy trouble-shooting
  • Facilitates off-line harnessing 
    • Provides efficient manufacturing


  • Non-Automotive Transportation
  •     Recreational vehicles
  •     Travel trailers
  •     Boats
  • Other Markets
  •     Anywhere numerous ground-terminations can be utilized