Molex Power Plus (SSI)


Molex introduces a new series of power connectors that conform to the Server System Infrastructure (SSI) open specification ( The DPS and MPS offer a standard variation of 2 and 11 power blades with a mixed layout of 24 signal pins. The contacts support up to 30 amperes of current. With a demand for more flexibility and variations, Molex has further expanded the series to cater to the needs and requirements from our customers.

Power Plus features recessed signal-pins and sequential mating (Last-Mate-First-Break or LMFB) that allows the hot-swapping of power supply units on the male side. The receptacle could also provide for LMFB with a recessed power blade.

The selection options include any number of power (up to 20) or signal (up to 128) contacts, the ability to place power or signal at different locations, fork lock or screw mount options, AC or DC current (different pitch), guide post options, standard and long power blades. Molex offers standard through-hole right angle headers and receptacles as well as through-hole and Press-Fit vertical receptacles.


  • Rigid tails
    • Easy PCB insertion
  • High temperature thermoplastic housing material
    • Ensures thermal reliability
  • Recessed pins-sequential mating (Last-Mate-First-Break) 
    • Allows hot swapping of power supply units
  • Guide Pockets (headers) or guide posts (receptacles)
    • Facilitates easy blind-mating
  • Shrouded headers 
    • Prevent contact damage
  • Stamped and selectively plated power contacts 
    • Provide greater electrical reliability
  • Metal forklocks or screw mounts
    • Provides strong board retention which reduces board warpage during soldering