The Molex Appli-Mate connector system offers customers the complete a range of RAST connectors for both power and signal applications.

Designed to the RAST standards the Molex system incorporates a wide range of polarizing features to eliminate the risk of mismating. The connector system has two distinct connector families RAST 5 and RAST 2.5. The Appli-Mate connector system offer a high specification product, tested under the most severe conditions and has a field life of more than 10 years.

RAST 5 is designed for power application and is capable of handling up to 10 or 16A depending on the connector series, the product family includes both indirect and direct female parts.

RAST 2.5 is designed for signal applications and is rated for either 2 or 4A depending on operating temperature. The part is offered in both direct to PCB and indirect female parts along with a range of headers.

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