Molex offers a broad assortment of Two-Screw Terminal Strips to ensure the best fit for your design requirements. For example, choose a style with a pitch of 8.00mm (.315") rated for 300V at 20A or a style with a pitch of 15.00mm (.591") rated for 600V at 63A.

All terminal strips meet or exceed industry standards and are available with or without standoffs. All sizes are provided with wire protectors to eliminate twisting and breakage of stranded wire during connections. Both screws and contact areas are recessed in the housing for safety and to help prevent short circuits.


Features & Benefits:

  • Dead front construction
    • Contacts and screws recessed within the housing to help prevent short circuits
  • Modular design
    • Easily cut large blocks into smaller circuit sizes
  • Easy installation
    • Saves time and money
  • Range of pitch spacing, wire ranges and electrical ratings
    • Design flexibility to choose the block that best fits the requirements
  • Wire protectors
    • Prevent stranded wire damage during connection


  • Power supplies
  • Spa Controllers
  • HVAC
  • Motor Controls
  • Lighting

Additional Information: