In harness configurations where each separate connection increases the risk of mismating or signal failure, the VersaBlade™ Connector System offers superior mating reliability, easy assembly and increased cost savings compared to commonly used round-pin designs.

The Molex VersaBlade is based on three components: 1.78mm (.070") wide flat blade tab terminals; multi-configured modular housings; and terminal position assurance inserts. The system provides modularity and design flexibility for a variety of appliance/HVAC applications such as refrigerators, washing machines, heating units and ventilators.

VersaBlade accepts AWG 14-22 wire and can carry four to 15A and 300V, depending upon design characteristics. This provides users with both signal and power carrying capabilities.

Features & Benefits:

  • Wide 1.80mm (.070") male tab contact
    • High current carrying capabilities
  • Dual row system
    • Good heat dissipation/low engagement force
  • Positive lock
    • Secure mating retention
  • Spring style mounting ears
    • Pevents breakage
  • TPA secondary lock
    • Reliable terminal seating
  • Hybrid types
    • Accept both male and female terminals


  • Refrigerators
  • Washing Machines
  • Heating Units
  • Ventilators

Additional Information: