EXTreme PowerEdge™

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EXTreme PowerEdge™ is designed as a one piece vertical card edge style connector that can be used with either gold finger pc boards, or as a bus bar interconnect for power supply or power distribution applications. Power Edge is a compact, high current power interconnect solution rated at 40 amperes per contact with the ability to integrate signal pins within the same housing for power/signal hybrid designs. Each signal contact is rated at 3A. Attributing to its slender profile, EXTreme PowerEdge allows excellent airflow around the connector. This connector is unique in that it can be configured for AC and DC power capability in either the same housing, or with multiple housings stacked end-to-end. Incorporating proven Molex design elements EXTreme PowerEdge high performance terminal contacts feature redundant interface points for optimum mating of double-sided card edge gold fingers or bus bar segments, and provide 157.0A per inch of pc board real estate. It is an excellent low profile power card edge interface for applications where rugged single piece mating is needed and where space is at a premium. EXTreme PowerEdge is available in power only, signal only, and power/signal combinations for design flexibility. Each power segment contains two isolated power contacts, while each signal segment contains 8 independent signal contacts.


  • Connector assemblies available in 2, 3 and 4 segments (2 contacts per segment)
    • Greater flexibility for signal or mixed power or signal card edge applications
  • Isolated contacts on opposite side of connector assembly segments
    • Allows for connector combinations of 8 total signal circuits per segment (4 each on the upper and lower side of the segment)
  • End-to-end stackable
    • Allows for variations of power, signal or mixed power or signal connectors to be stacked end-to-end to mate with double-sided card edge lengths of up to 203.20mm (8.000")
  • Press-fit or solder tail terminations
  • Compatible with standard PCB's or backplanes
  • Power contacts rated for current interruption
  • Matches true hot-plugging requirements
  • Compatible with competitive connector Drop-in replacement


  • Telecommunications Equipment
    • Networking Hubs
    • Switches
    • Routers
  • High and Mid-Range Computing Equipment
  • Un-interruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Cellular Communications Equipment
    • Base Stations
  • DC-DC Converters