BNC Connector

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Molex BNC connectors are small, lightweight, weatherproof miniature connectors that are the most popular connector series used in a variety of RF applications. The two stud bayonet coupling system of the BNC yields an easy-to-use, quick connecting/disconnecting device that accounts for the BNC's popularity. These connectors are manufactured to MIL-PRF-39012 requirements and are typically used in applications operating up to 4 GHz. BNC connectors are used in data networking as well as video, audio and test equipment application. Video applications such as security systems use 75 versions to match the standard system impedance.

Connector Types:

  • Cabled
    • Straight Crimp/ Crimp Plug
    • Right Angle Solder/ Crimp Plug
  • PCB
    • Jack Receptacle
      • Vertical
      • Vertical with Board Lock Pins
      • Vertical Panel Isolated
      • Vertical Panel Isolated Filtered
      • Right Angle
      • Right Angle Panel Isolated
      • Right Angle Filtered Panel Isolated with Board Lock Pins
      • Right Angle Low Profile with Board Lock Pins
  • 50Ω
    • Jack Receptacle
      • Miniature Right Angle
      • Miniature Bulkhead Mount Solder Pot
      • Isolated Bulkhead Mount Solder Pot
      • Bulkhead Mount Solder Pot
      • 4 Hole Flange Solder Pot
      • Right Angle Adapter Plug/Jack
      • Miniature "T" Adapter Jack/Plug/Jack
  • 50 and 75Ω 
    • Commercial Connectors 
      • Low Profile Right Angle Jack Receptacle PCB





  • Miniature
  • Bayonet Lock Coupling
  • DC to 4 GHz
  • 50 to 75Ω