FAKRA (SMB) Connector Overview


Molex FAKRA SMB connectors are utilized by the automotive industries in the United States and Europe. Their application is key to on-board telematics and RF communication in today's automobiles.

This series uses and SMB interface with keyed and color-coded housings for ease in identification.

  • Cabled
    • Subminiature PCB Cable Panel Mount 12 keys
    • Subminiature Plug Straight Crimp Keyed
    • Plug Straight Crimp Keyed
    • Subminiature Jack Straight Crimp Keyed
    • Jack Straight Bulkhead Keyed
  • PCB
    • Subminiature Jack Receptacle Right Angle PCB Keyed
    • Jack Receptacle Right Angle PCB Keyed
  • Keying and Color Codes
    • Subminiature Plug Keying and Color Code
    • Jack Receptacle Keying and Color Code  


  • Color-coded and keyed shrouds
  • Designed for automotive telematic applications
  • Low costs, high performance
  • Withstands solder reflow temperatures with shroud installed