MCX Connectors Overview


Molex MCX connectors are a subminiature snap-on connector offering a stable and durable connection while allowing electronic assemblies to be more densely packaged than other subminiature series. MCX connectors are approximately 30% smaller than SMB type connectors but use the same proven internal interconnect arrangement with respect to the dielectric and center contact. The MCX series provides good electrical performance to 6GHz and used in telecommunication systems as well as wireless and GPS applications.


  • Subminiature
  • Snap-on-coupling
  • DC to 6GHz
  • 30% smaller than SMB


  • Cabled
    • Plug Straight Solder/Crimp
    • Plug Right Angle Solder/ Crimp
  • PCB
    • Vertical Jack Receptacle
    • Vertical Jack Receptacle Bulkhead Mount
    • Right Angle Jack Receptacle
    • Subminiatue Snap-on
    • Vertical Surface Mount Jack Receptacle
    • Right Angle Surface Mount Jack Receptacle
  • Edge Mount
    • Jack Receptacle Edge Mount