SMB Miniature Connector

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Molex SMB connectors are a subminiature connector series designed for applications operating to 4GHz. This series includes a snap on interface that is controlled by industry standard specifications and is easy to connect and disconnect. Mechanical stability is provided by the SMB interface, and its relative small size allows it to be used in applications where space is limited. Each 50 ohm product has a mini 75Ω SMB counterpart which has the same external envelope as the 50Ω product. Applications for 50Ω product includes telecommunications equipment, instrumentation and commercial broadcast equipment. The mini 75Ω SMB products are typically used in data and video transmission equipment.

Connector Types:

  • Cabled
    • Solder/Crimp Plug
    • Right Angle Solder/Crimp Plug
  • PCB
    • Subminiature Right Angle Bulkhead Jack Receptacle
    • Vertical Jack Receptacle
    • Right Angle Jack Receptacle


  • Subminiature
  • Snap-On Coupling
  • DC to 4GHz
  • 50 and 75Ω