Micro Miniature IDT Coaxial Connector System


Molex's new micro miniature IDT coaxial connector system provides superior signal integrity, space savings and reliability for mobile and other applications. The system was initially designed to run signaling through the hinge area of new swivel-type cell phones with rotating LCDs. Molex's micro miniature IDT coaxial system offers easier signal routing and space savings versus FPC.

A key advantage of the system over other types is our double-clamp wire grounding method that provides both electrical and mechanical grounding. This method offers a more reliable termination method than hand-soldering and up to 60% less transmission (dB) loss at frequencies between 1-3MHz.


  • IDT and "double-clamp" grounding method
    • Superior grounding and noise protection
  • Ultra thin coaxial cable
    • Better flexibility and shielding than FFC/FPC
  • IDT termination assembly method
    • 30% space savings versus hand-solder
  • Short ground path and multiple grounding tabs
    • Superior grounding and shielding
  • In-house harness assembly
    • Quality control and quick turn-around
  • Right angle and top-entry headers
    • Design flexibility


  • Cell Phones
  • Digital Cameras/Camcorders
  • Notebook PC LCDs
  • Test Connectors for Servers/Drives
  • Any application with a rotating LCD