SCA-2 Connectors


Backplane Receptacles

Designed for attaching small form factor disk drives to backplane arrays in various storage applications, these SCA-2 receptacles carry all required signals, power and auxiliary signals within a single durable interface. Application tooling is available to assemble press-fit receptacles singly or in arrays.

GBIC Receptacles

The SCA-2 20-circuit right-angle GBIC (Gigabit Interface Converter) receptacles meet the need for attaching copper or fiber optic GBIC modules to motherboards and adapter cards through a single connector interface. A metal shield provides enhanced EMI protection for improved performance with today's Gigabit signal speeds.

Molex offers a variety of value-added products for storage devices, including SCA-2 tray assemblies, connector adapters and PCBs that provide easy installation of disk drives and enclosures to backplanes.  


  • Conforms to small form factor specifications
  • Backplane receptacles for use with SCSI and Fibre Channel disk drives
  • 20-circuit receptacle for attaching GBIC modules
  • Rugged blind-mate guide ears with integral ESD grounding contacts
  • Metal board-lock clips for easy PCB mounting
  • Staggered hot plug first-make, last-break contacts
  • Surface mount compatible


  • Storage Devices
  • Adapters