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Serial Attach SCSI have capabilities that have been developed to meet the evolving needs of high end server applications. These challenging needs include scalability, performance, reliability and manageability, while leveraging a common electrical and physical connection interface with Serial ATA. This compatibility provides users with unprecedented choices for server and sub-system deployment.

The flexibility of SAS facilitates many system-level configurations such as workstations, blade servers, external storage arrays, SAS cables and switches and host bus adapters (HBA's).

Serial Attach SCSI uses a point-to-point architecture which works in conjunction with PCI Express and other high-speed architectures on the market such as Serial ATA. Molex offers a wide range of PCB attachment and size options for any application.

Molex offers a broad range of connectors ranging from SAS Multi-Lane cable assemblies to SAS Vertical and Right Angle Internal Multi-Lane connectors


  • Point to Point Topology
    • Ensures maximum bandwidth by providing dedicated signal path for each device, eliminates daisy-chain slowdowns and addresses conflicts
  • Disk/Backplane Interoperatbility with Serial ATA
    • Gives flexibility to specify best drive for intended use: SAS for transactional/online performance and reliability, Serial ATA for near line and backup/restore storage
  • Hot Plug, Blind-mate connections
    • Add/remove drives without system shutdown, facilitates connection in cramped or inaccessible installations
  • 3.0 Gbps transfer rate
    • Sets new standards for enterprise-class performance, second generation on track for 6.0Gbps throughput
  • Compact Cabling and Connectors
    • Simplified cable routing, saves space and improves airflow/cooling in system cabinets, connectors easily fit on small form factor devices


  • Server Storage
    • Host Bus Adapters (HBA)
    • Servers (Towers, Rack Mount, Blade)
    • Storage Racks
    • Switches and Routers
    • RAID
    • Devices / JBOD
    • Workstations
  • Networking Equipment
    • Mobile
    • Data
    • Multimedia